Does the law reflect our morals or do our morals reflect the law?

It was interesting to see the reaction when people were asked the MoralityMeter question, “how morally bad is it for a 17-year old to have sex with a 13-year old?”  I just put the question out there without giving people a hint of what I was interested in finding out.  I did that so that people would vote and comment exactly how they feel without being influenced by my comments.  It was interesting to see that the first comments on the question involved the age of consent in Canada, and whether a 13-year old could really ‘consent’ to sex.  But the question didn’t ask anything about the law in Canada, it asked what you think about it, morally speaking.  So, does this mean that people first have to know what the law is to make their decision about a moral issue?  Or can they make up their minds independent of the law?  How does the law influence the moral fabric of this country?  Do we have morals that don’t depend on government-sanctioned laws?  Or do we need the government to tell us what is right and what is wrong?  In other words, does the law reflect what we, in this democratic country think, or do we reflect what the government-made law tells us is right or wrong? What do you think?

Nancy Kinney
Founder of AdviceScene
Democratizing the law one question at a time

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