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Lately there have been a lot of articles and blog entries dealing with online marketing and social networking.  These articles deal with Facebook, Twitter, FriendFeed, LinkedIn and other social networking sites.  These types of sites are gaining momentum daily because people are realizing how useful they are for marketing.  Whether you’re promoting a non-profit organization or your business is pure money-making, these types of sites let you send out messages to people that may contact you directly, or they may tell someone else about you.  It’s ‘word of mouth’ for the Internet age.  

But some business people and others have been slow to adopt these social networking marketing tools.  Why?  Well, maybe it’s because they can’t see the benefit of spending time posting small blurbs to a largely anonymous and global audience when their services are locally focussed in a very distinct sector.  But what if those businesses and organizations could connect to potential clients that are visiting a site specifically to look for the services that the business or organization in question is offering?  Wouldn’t that be more effective than tweeting to hundreds or thousands of anonymous users that may not even see your post?  I think so, that’s why I developed this site.  People looking for specific legal information can browse the archives and/or get answers from practising lawyers or judges.  And lawyers know that when they post legal information and answers, it is being read by people that are looking for legal answers; and frequently, legal representation.  So, social networking marketing works, that’s for sure, but it could get better.  What we need more of is question and answer sites that connect potential clients to businesses and organizations.  By connecting with people that are looking for your type of services, you not only market through word of mouth, you take control of your advertising.

Nancy Kinney
AdviceScene Founder
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