The End of the Webpage?

Recently…very recently, because it’s the Internet, Steve Rubel wrote a piece entitled, “The End of the Destination Web Era.”  In it, he argues that the webpage as an advertising tool is dead and has been dead for a while now.  People want “direct engagement” from Internet sites, that’s why Twitter and Facebook are so popular right now.  I’m not sure if webpages are dead, but they’re certainly not as important as they once were, if they ever were that important from a marketing standpoint.  The online community wants to participate when they’re online, but they also want static, one-sided information as well.  So maybe webpages can still play a part in marketing, just as long as businesses and organizations are ‘engaging’ their potential client base outside their static webpages.  Webpages don’t have to be dead, they can be an important part of online marketing, especially when you link to your webpage from an interactive, social networking site.  Your webpage becomes a profile page that gives more information about you and the services you offer than the typical social networking profile allows.  
How do you ‘engage’ your potential clients outside your webpage?  Well, you could twitter, facebook, and feed your friends short blurbs and links, but are those users potential clients necessarily?  Or are they just people that want to follow and network with as many people as possible.  How can you be sure that all that twittering and facebooking is going to work?  It is time consuming after all; and distracting too.  That’s where question and answer, industry-specific websites come in.  If you’re on a site like this one there’s no question that you’re interested in the law, or that you may need legal representation now or in the future.  It is a legal site after all.   Why would you be here if you’re not interested in the law and how it affects your life?  And what better place for lawyers to ‘engage’ their potential clients?

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