Help teach the world’s drug czar that drug prohibition is the exact opposite of drug control.

Help teach the world’s drug czar that drug prohibition is the exact opposite of drug control.

On page 1 of the just-released World Drug Report 2009, the world’s Drug Czar, Antonio Maria Costa, admits that the public is increasingly aware the “war on drugs” isn’t working.

But outrageously, even while acknowledging the unintended consequences of the current policy, like the rise in international organized crime, the infiltration of our financial institutes and the waste of scarce resources, the report continues to defend prohibition, claiming that it is an effective drug “control” policy. After 100 years of international prohibition, starting with opium in 1909, “Czar” Costa is calling for more of the same. Page after page, the report struggles to find a measure of success for the greatest policy failure the world has ever known.

Clearly, Mr. Costa, head of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, doesn’t understand that prohibition is the opposite of drug control. The preface – on page 1 – attempts to refute the arguments of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) and others who know that the solution is to legalize and regulate drugs.

Costa needs to know what legalization really means and we need your help to educate him.

Please visit to contact Mr. Costa. A sample letter that you can edit (if you want) has been provided, so you can let the “czar” know that people calling for the legalization of drugs are endorsing more effective “control” over drugs than we have now, not less.

We can’t do it without your help!


Peter Christ
Vice-Director, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition
Retired Police Captain

P.S. The fact that our opponents are so prominently attacking us at the very beginning of their report is a real sign of how far our movement has come in such a short time, especially since last year’s report didn’t even mention legalization at all!

P.P.S. If you’d like to help support this work, your generous donation is tax deductible and can be made at

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