Mainstream Media vs. the Internet (Collaboration vs. Competition Continued)

Mainstream media are losing money and some are even going out of business altogether because of the Internet, so the argument goes.  But are they unsuccessful because they are ignoring the Internet? Why? Could it be because the Internet is so ‘for the people’ oriented?  I’ve often heard people say that there’s so much ‘fluff’ and little true journalism on the web that ‘real’ media doesn’t have to really pay attention.  What people really want is real stories by real journalists that try to provide an objective viewpoint rather than one-sided ‘fake’ stories that are really about blatant self-promotion.  But isn’t mainstream media supposed to be about providing a forum for voicing opinions and providing news and information for the general public; and not just for the elite among us that prefer to read a newspaper or turn on a TV?  

Perhaps only the elite among us read newspapers and watch the news.  Maybe the rest have embraced the democratization of information that the Internet provides; and the elite are still holding on to the notion of true journalism.  But the voices of the regular people are not going anywhere; and eventually even the elite must listen up.  The Internet doesn’t have to wait for journalists to write a story, it can write its own and distribute it to millions of people within minutes.  So what happens when mainstream media ignores what’s going on in cyberspace?  They get left behind. 


Nancy Kinney
AdviceScene Founder
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