Mainstream Media vs. the Internet Continued

So often I see stories about mainstream business ventures in the papers and on TV, and rarely do I see a story about a purely online business, at least one that isn’t Google, Twitter, or Facebook anyway.  Why?  What’s the difference between an online business venture and a new store opening up down the street?  Is the online world so different that it doesn’t deserve to be covered by mainstream media?
So what are Internet-based businesses that are doing useful, much-needed services online to do when they are ignored by mainstream media?  They make their own media.  They write their own articles, they make their own videos, movies, documentaries and blast them all over the Internet instead of waiting for mainstream media outlets to get with it and pay attention to what is going on.  And to what effect?  Well, people certainly pay attention and can’t help pay attention to articles and podcasts that become popular online—they’re everywhere.  But what about journalistic integrity and objective writing taking into account other sides to a story?  Well that gets thrown out the window because people are making their own stories and they don’t have to be objective or point out any potential problems with what they’re doing.  And what have we lost?  Good journalism that’s what!
Does useful information have to be provided by real journalists only?  Of course not.  But it would be great if the real journalists among us, the ones that really know how to present a balanced and well-written news story, don’t go extinct while trying to preserve the integrity of true journalism because their bosses won’t wake up and recognize that what’s going on in cyberspace is important.  If mainstream media would wake up and stop considering the Internet competition, and instead treat it as a valuable collaboration tool, they will survive well into the future.


Nancy Kinney
AdviceScene Founder
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