Negative statements and how to ignore them to meet goals

If a person stopped to listen to all the people that told them they couldn’t do something, they would never succeed.  It’s always worth hearing people out when they have advice, whether you asked for or not. But if you want to succeed at what you’re doing, you really need to listen to yourself first.  If I had listened to people I would have never launched this site.  I heard things like this:

    “I asked my family and in all our lives we’ve only needed the services of a lawyer once.  So why would people want to be able to ask a lawyer a question online for free?”
    “There are already so many expert sites out there where people can pay for answers, why have a site that does the same thing for free?”

    “I don’t care how good looking you think you are, no one is going to give you money to start up a free legal site.”

See? If I would have listened to these people, experts in their field (well, experts to me anyway because I knew nothing back then about the Internet) I would have given up on this ‘crazy’ idea long ago.  Now it’s proving to be a very successful site and guess what?  People do like to be able to get legal questions from practising lawyers in their area!  Wow, shocking isn’t it?  So remember, don’t get discouraged.  Trust in your ideas and follow through with them.  You’ll never know if you’re on the right track until you try it.


Nancy Kinney
AdviceScene Founder
Democratizing the law one question at a time

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