2nd Canadian stranded in Kenya?

Aug 20, 2009 07:26 AM
A report says a case of disputed identity has left another Canadian stranded in Kenya, this time for three years.

The CBC says Abdihakim Mohammed, an autistic 25-year-old Somali-Canadian, was taken to Somalia five years ago by his mother because doctors thought being near extended family could help him.

The network says when she tried to bring Mohammed back to Canada through Kenya three years ago, she was told the person with her was not her son because he didn’t look like his passport photo.

The case remains unresolved despite offers from Mohammed’s mother to undergo DNA testing.

Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon says senior officials of his department are looking into what happened in the case.

Last Saturday, Suuad Hagi Mohamud, a 31-year-old Canadian citizen, arrived in Toronto after being stranded for three months in Kenya. She was barred from leaving the country when authorities said her lips did not look the way they did in her four-year-old passport photo.

It took a DNA test to prove Mohamud’s identity.


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