AdviceScene at Advice-a-Thon

10:00 am, coffee in hand, overcast skies but not too cold; all in all a great day for democratizing the law! AdviceScene is proud to be a sponsor of this year’s Advice-a-Thon, where lawyers are providing free legal advice to people that don’t normally have access to lawyers.  This ties into what we strive to do at AdviceScene, providing answers to legal questions, so we wanted to be a part of this event. We will be here throughout the day, talking to the public, interviewing some of the people who are making this event happen, and generally spreading the word about how many different options are available to people who have legal questions.

11:05 AM Things are going well here, lawyers are taking time out of their busy schedule to provide legal advice to people who do not have easy access to legal information. When these lawyers have a free moment, we’ll put them in front of a camera and talk to them about what they do and why they have decided to donate their time and experience to this worthy cause. We’ll post those interviews on AdviceScene over the next few days. We also seem to be generating some interest from other media outlets, hopefully we’ll be doing interviews for them too.

12:00 Things are picking up, I guess that a lot of people are trying to fit their appointment into their lunch hour. It has been interesting watching the people that are coming in to talk to the lawyers. They come from all walks of life. It goes to show how great the need for access to legal information really is. That’s why events like this are so important. That’s why sites like AdviceScene are so important.

Just had someone inquire about AdviceScene and what we do. Turns out she works at a seniors center and says some of the residents have legal questions and are looking for different legal resources. She seems quite excited that a resource like AdviceScene exists.

Different media outlets have started interviewing the lawyers that are participating in the Advice-a-Thon. Copycats! A Channel is interviewing right in front of the booth. Maybe I can sneak into the shot..

1:25 PM Word of mouth is catching on too. One of the AdviceScene crew overheard four men at the end of the street. "Hey man, they’re doing pro bono work up in the square. You should check it out."

As things are beginning to wrap up, there are a lot of people that are still looking for legal advice. The registration desk is kind enough to send these folks our way. While we can’t give out legal advice, people are beginning to understand that there are other alternatives to the regular legal avenues. 

Interest being generated for Justice Brownstone’s book Tug of War. We’ve been offering Justice Brownstone’s best selling book at our booth. Add book promotion to our list of skills.

Finishing up interviews with lawyers, and managed to get a couple of interviews with some of the people that made use of the free legal services. We would like to thank Jacqueline Horton, Robin Gage, and Andrew Liggett for allowing us to interview them. Look for video clips on the AdviceScene website very soon.

Just packing up right now. This was an education. There are so many people who need access to legal information, but haven’t known where to turn, or what their options are. That’s why events like the Advice-a-Thon are so important. And why resources like AdviceScene are so necessary.  We would like to thank the Advice-a-Thon for allowing us to be part of today’s event.



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