Former KGB agent loses court bid to overturn deportation

From the Ottawa Citizen

OTTAWA – A federal judge has rejected a bid by former KGB agent Mikhail Lennikov to stay in Canada.

Justice Michel Beaudry ruled Tuesday that he finds "no reviewable errors" in the government’s decision to warrant court intervention.

Lennikov, 49, took sanctuary in an East Vancouver church in June to avoid being deported. His wife Irina and son Dmitri had been given permission to stay in Canada.

Three years ago, the Immigration and Refugee Board found Lennikov inadmissible to remain in Canada because he was a member of an organization that engaged in espionage against a democratic government.

Public Safety Minister Peter Van Loan has refused to overturn the deportation order.

Lennikov came to Canada 12 years ago on a student visa to study at University of British Columbia.
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