Judge Calls Out Former Detroit Mayor

A Michigan judge blasted former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, calling him a liar after Kilpatrick claimed he could not pay $1 million in restitution. Kilpatrick had previously reached a plea deal with the prosecution and was on probation. Last month, Kilpatrick asked a Michigan court to lower his restitution payments, despite evidence that Kilpatrick could have made the payments.

The prosecution was asking Kilpatrick deliver a $225,000 restitution check. Judge Groner went above and beyond, ordering Kilpatrick pay $319,011 within ninety days. Groner also ordered Kilpatrick’s probation be transferred from Texas to Michigan, and weekly phone calls to probation. Kilpatrick used $8.4 million dollars of city to settle the whistleblower case against him in 2008.

Groner did not hold back:

 "We need to remember why we are here. It’s not a crime to live a life of privilege. We are here because you committed perjury," Groner said, adding that Kilpatrick agreed to pay $1 million in restitution.

"You have not been responsible in paying it," he told Kilpatrick, who sat without showing any emotion. "You have not been credible in this courtroom and you, again, have not been honest to the City of Detroit."

"The court finds the defendant’s conduct in this matter reprehensible."

Judge calls Kilpatrick liar | Detroit Free Press



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