Obama to nominate controversial choice to head OLC

President Obama is set to renominate Dawn Johnsen to head the Office of Legal Counsel (OLC). The OLC advises the president and other members of the executive branch whether certain actions are considered lawful. 

Johnsen was approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee last year, but the Senate never voted on her nomination. Johnsen previously served in the same role during the Clinton administration.

The OLC gained international prominence under the Bush administration when it instituted a number of policies that were controversial, at best, and unlawful at worst. Under Bush, the OLC approved extremely controversial interrogation techniques, and instituted surveillance policies that were in direct conflict with pre-existing statutory limitations. 

Critics are taking aim at Johnsen because of her liberal reputation, and two democratic Senators have already said they oppose her nomination.

President Is Said to Decide to Renominate Six Choices | New York Times

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