Should the Tea Party be a Political Party?

A Florida attorney who supports the tea party movement has caught flak from other members because he registered movement as a political party. The tea party movement formed in 2009 out of opposition to the federal stimulus bill and healthcare reform. The attorney is closely tied to political consultants in Florida, and appears to support anti-tax theories, but is not an actual member of the tea party movement.

The movement is less than thrilled at the attorney’s actions, saying they do not like the idea of political consultants and politicians getting involved with the party. The attorney, in his defense, claims he is merely trying to funnel the group’s energy into the political process. Despite that, he is taking heat from all sides for his actions.

"On the blogs I’m now up to being called a Marxist, a racist, a Republican mole, a Democratic mole and a tax cheat," O’Neal said. "At this rate, in a couple of days I’ll probably be named as one of the Kennedy assassination co-conspirators as well as the person most responsible for global warming."

Conservatives in Tea Party stir: A fight of the right, by the right and for the right | Palm Beach Post


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