Attempted NYC Subway Bomber Reaches Plea Deal in Civilian Court

Najibullah Zazi, accused of conspiring to detonate explosives on the New York City subway system, reached a plea deal in a federal court. Zazi admitted he conspired with Al Qaeda to detonate explosives in the subway system on the anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The timing of the plea deal is critical for the Obama administration, which has recently been criticized for saying terrorists can be tried in civilian courts.

In regards to the case, Attorney General Eric Holder said "In this case, as it has in so many other cases, the criminal justice system has proved to be an invaluable weapon for disrupting plots and incapacitating terrorists, one that works in concert with the intelligence community and our military . . . "

Although the case shows that suspects may enter plea deals in terrorism cases, the case does not test how a terrorism case would be tried in a civilian court. A trial for this type of case would raise of number of concerns about coercive interrogation techniques, as well as evidentiary issues.

Guilty Plea in New York Terror Plot | Wall Street Journal





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