Pope says full body scanners violate personal integrity

During a meeting with members of the aerospace industry, Pope Benedict XVI voiced his displeasure over the proposed usage of full body scanners. The United States, and other countries, are expected to install scanners that scan through clothing, and effectively allow the viewer to see a digital naked image of the person being scanned. The scanners are thought to be critical to detecting explosive materials or other clandestine items a would-be terrorist would use.

The Pope, however, adamantly stated that "It is essential never to lose sight of respect for the primacy of the person." the Pope admitted his concerns come at a time when airline security faces increasing threats of terrorism. Nevertheless, the Pope seemed to indicate that personal integrity should not take a backseat to personal security. Neither the Pope nor any Vatican spokesperson have identified an alternative to full body scans.

Pope enters airport body scanners row | The Guardian




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