Texas Judge Under Fire For Conduct in Death Penalty Case

Special prosecutors in Texas are demanding consequences for the controversial actions of a Texas judge who presided over a death penalty case. The Commission of Judicial Conduct is accusing the judge of smearing the judiciary after she refused to keep the clerks office open past 5 p.m. The death row inmates attorneys, claiming computer issues, requested the judge do so in order to file a last minute appeal. The judge refused, and the inmate was executed hours later.

In the new filing, the special prosecutors said: “This is not a case as to whether the death penalty should or should not be administered. This is a case, however, concerning whether a judge should allow herself to disregard at will a long-standing established protocol of her court that is designed to safeguard proper handling of all time-sensitive communications on an execution day,” 

A special master has already evaluated the judge’s conduct and imposed no penalty on the judge. The special master, however, did find the judge’s behavior was "highly questionable."

Punishment urged for judge in killer’s appeal case | Houston Chronicle


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