What will happen to the Americans accused of child abduction in Haiti?

10 Americans are being held in Haiti on charges of child abduction, after attempting to leave the country with 33 children, some of whom still had living family members. The majority of the group thought they were going to Haiti to rescue orphans. Over the weekend, however, eight of the ten Americans signed a note saying they were misled by the group’s leader, Laura Silsby.

Complicating matters, the group’s original attorney, Edwin Coq. Jr., has stopped representing the group amidst allegations of a fee dispute or an attempted bribe. Coq claims he stepped down because he not been paid at least half of his $60,000 retainer. Another attorney, however, maintains Coq was attempting to get the Americans out of jail by bribing judicial officials.

Americans Held in Haiti Are Divided Over Leader | New York Times



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