Will the Ninth Circuit allow a suit against John Yoo to move forward?

A number of lawyers are urging a federal appeals court to allow a case against John Yoo to go forward. Yoo worked for the Office of Legal Counsel and advised the president on legal issues, including waterboarding and other interrogation techniques. Jose Padilla, a convicted terrorist, was held in a navy brig for nearly four years and subjected to various harsh interrogation techniques from 2002-2006. Padilla brought suit against Yoo, claiming Yoo’s legal opinions approved his detention and justified the harsh treatment.

In June 2009, a US District Court judge refused Yoo’s motion to dismiss the case, and Yoo has now appealed to the Ninth Circuit. Yoo claims Padilla’s suit should not move forward because it interferes with the president’s war-making authority. Somewhat surprisingly, the Obama administration has sided with Yoo. On the other side, a number of professors are pressing the Ninth Circuit to allow the suit to move forward.

Lawyers petition court to hold Yoo accountable | San Francisco Chronicle

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