Will Toyota Face the Biggest Product Liability Case in History?

On the verge of the massive recall of numerous Toyota models, the company might face the biggest product liability case in history. Toyota recently recalled a number of models because of problems with the accelerators and braking issues, totaling 10 million recall notices. Toyota has denied knowledge of either of the problems prior to the recall.

Toyota claims they will lose at least $2 billion in sales because of the recall. Any class action suit is likely to settle in the billions. Consumers, on the other hand, are faced with uncertainty, and perhaps more difficulty in reselling their Toyota because of safety concerns. 

One of the leading lawyers of a complex class action claim feels the suit may rival the complexity of the tobacco litigation. The lawyer also said proving damages should not be an issue, "It’s easy to prove damages here. You don’t think you’re damaged, try to sell your Toyota and see if you can get for it today what you could have four weeks ago,"

Toyota faces massive legal liability | Los Angeles Times


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