America Would Support an Openly Gay Supreme Court Justice

A recent poll indicates that the majority of Americans would support an openly gay Supreme Court justice. The poll indicated 55% of persons polled would support an openly gay justice, while 40% would oppose the idea. The poll results are somewhat surprising, given that a number of states have been unable to pass laws allowing gay marriage. Regardless, the results are encouraging sign that more and more Americans are becoming more open-minded.

The poll also showed that 50% of Americans would support an openly gay president. One commentator noted that Americans seem more willing to accept Supreme Court justices when their minority group is just beginning to gain equal footing in American culture. Richard Just of NPR said ""When Louis Brandeis was nominated to the court in 1916, anti-Semitism was still pervasive . . .[w]hen Thurgood Marshall was nominated in 1967, the country was still in the throes of the civil rights struggle. Yet both men were confirmed."

Poll Finds 55% Would Support Openly Gay Justice | ABA Journal


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