House Impeaches Federal Judge

The US House has impeached federal Judge Thomas Porteous of New Orleans for misconduct while on the bench. All of the house votes were unanimous on four different articles of impeachment. Porteous is accused of taking money, meals, and other gifts from lawyers and bail bondsman with business in his courtroom. Porteous is the 15th judge to be impeached on Constitutional grounds, and only the 2nd judge in the last 20 years to be impeached.

The Chair of the House Task force said "Our investigation found that Judge Porteous participated in a pattern of corrupt conduct for years . . ."

The House conducted five days of hearings, during which witnesses told stories of presenting the judge with gifts over the years. The matter will no be overseen by the Senate to conduct a trial. After trial, the full Senate must vote to remove him from office, which requires a two-thirds vote.

Judge Thomas Porteous impeached by U.S. House of Representatives |

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