Family Matters with Justice Harvey Brownstone

I am very happy to announce that AdviceScene will be launching its own online TV show, entitled, Family Matters with Justice Harvey Brownstone.  Yes, AdviceScene is now a TV producer! Family Matters showcases prominent guests from the legal community & elsewhere, in a talk show format; and it also provides educational episodes available on DVD and as downloadable iTunes episodes. Last week we were on location in Toronto, Ontario shooting the first 3 episodes of this new and exciting TV show. Family Matters is the first show of its kind to be hosted by a sitting judge.  Justice Brownstone was the first judge to write a book about family law meant for the public.  His book, Tug of War: A Judge’s Verdict on Separation, Custody Battles, and the Bitter Realities of Family Court, was an instant success last year when it was published. Justice Brownstone and I both believe that there is a huge public demand for legal information. People are very interested in learning about the law and our legal system. This is very clear, given the popularity of seemingly mundane legal information that is provided on; and the huge success of a book written by a judge about the basics of family law. People want and need the kind of information and education that AdviceScene, Tug of War, and now Family Matters offers. Stay tuned for more information on the first episodes.

Pictures to follow, but here is a link to Omar Ha-Redeye’s pictures for now: (he helped out on set–thanks Omar!)

Nancy Kinney
AdviceScene Founder & President

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