Judge Fired After Issuing Bench Warrant for Overdue DVD

The City of Littleton decided to fire a municipal judge with nearly 30 years of service after the judge issued a bench warrant for an individual with an overdue DVD from the library. The individual admitted checking out the DVD from a local library, and said it had gotten mixed up during a move. After enough time had passed, the library reported the DVD as stolen to police department. 

The individual was then issued a Summons, which he never received because he had moved and his address had changed. Two weeks later, the individual was stopped for speeding, and hauled on a bench warrant for failing to appear at his initial hearing (even though he never got it). Making matters worse, the individual actually returned the DVD a week before the bench warrant went out. 

Once the city council heard of the matter, along with 71 similar instances where bench warrants were issued even though the individual was never served, the long-time judge was let go.

Arrest Warrant Based on Overdue DVD Is Last Straw for Colorado Judge | Lowering the Bar

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