Arizona Immigration Law Ignites Controversy

The recently passed Arizona immigration law is drawing controversy from a variety of sources, including the law enforcement officials in charge of using it. The new law places local law enforcement in charge of policing illegal immigrants.

A number of groups, including the ACLU and the National Immigration Law Center claim the law is unconstitutional because the federal government, not state government, is in charge of controlling immigration. Arizona law makers, on the other hand, think the law is good because it will make the state safer. A poll indicated that 60% of voters in Arizona support the new law.

Local law enforcement, however, are concerned that the new law duplicates federal law, and now requires local law enforcement to devote too many resources to this new cause. Some police officers are concerned the new law will put too much strain on their system, and will overwhelm local law enforcement officials.

Arizona Immigration Law Generates First Challenges | NPR 


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