Short Preview of Family Matters

Disclaimer: Justice Brownstone donates ALL his proceeds of the show to children's charities & receives absolutely NO MONETARY compensation in any form. No guests that appear on his show appear before him in his courtroom. Justice Brownstone does NOT endorse any of the opinions, firms, or people that appear on the set or advertise on the show or the website.

Family Matters with Justice Harvey Brownstone is an online TV program with a focus on family law issues in Canada. Hosted by a sitting Ontario court family law judge, the show is the first of its kind anywhere. Justice Brownstone provides educational episodes explaining things such as how courts calculate child support; how collaborative law and mediation work; and what’s involved with child protection. With a talk show format, Family Matters strives to answer the public’s questions about family law, using Youtube, Skype, and email submissions on the show.

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