Will Lawmakers Change the ‘Born in America = Citizen’ Birthright?

Under the 14th Amendment, all persons born in the United States are considered citizens of the United States. Some lawmakers, however, are looking to change the longstanding proposition. According to some lawmakers, the problem arises in certain situations. For example, the lawmakers argue, a child born to two illegal aliens is automatically granted citizen status.

As a result, legislators in Congress and two states are working on an "anti-birthright" bill. Their concern is based on the allegation that " . . . we are giving away 350,000 citizens a year to children born to illegal aliens . . . "

This point of view, however, seems to overlook the straight text of the 14th Amendment, which has long recognized that citizenship is granted to anyone born in the US. Given the recent controversial law in Arizona, it seems likely this debate is not likely to end anytime soon.

Citizenship-By-Birth Faces Challenges | NPR


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