Family Matters Introductory Episode

In this episode Justice Brownstone explains why he’s doing this show and what it means to him.

“I truly believe that judges should not just be adjudicators in our courtrooms, but also public educators.  And while we cannot give legal advice or comment on political issues or on individual cases, there is a lot of information and insights that we can share with the public.  We do it every day in our courtrooms, but often by the time people are in the courtroom, standing before the judge, it’s too late for them – they’ve already launched themselves into protracted, potentially catastrophic high conflict court battles which may have very long-lasting and negative impacts on their family relationships.

And so, this show – the first ever to be hosted by a real sitting judge – will provide parents and extended family members with a lot of information and also, ACCESS to people that you might not normally have an opportunity to hear from.”

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