Former President Bush Casually Admits to Using Waterboarding

Former President Bush has casually admitted that he had one of the 9/11 suspects waterboarded and said he would do it again to save lives. The remark was surprising, given that waterboarding is generally viewed as torture, and the admission could place American serviceman in danger of being subjected to the same treatment.

Waterboarding is a torture technique where the subject is on their back, and water is then poured over their face to simulate drowning. It results in a number of physical injuries, and is considered extremely painful, and torture in most countries.

David R. Irvine, a retired Brigadier General who taught prisoner interrogation and military law said ""When he decided to do it the first time, he launched the nation down a disastrous road, and we will continue to pay dearly for the damage his decision has caused . . . ."

Irvine is among a number of former military officials who work with a human rights group that meets with congressional candidates to inform them about prisoner treatment and torture. 

Bush’s Glib Waterboarding Admission Sparks Outrage | The Huffington Post

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