Openly gay judge to host Internet chat show

Canada’s first openly gay judge wants to become the country’s first Internet celebrity talk-show host while acting as a sitting jurist.

In a remarkable and daring attempt to educate people about the legal system, Ontario Judge Harvey Brownstone is going where none of his brothers or sisters on the bench has gone before.

He says his program won’t be Oprah or Jerry Springer — "it will be about what is really happening out there."

Called,the show will feature special guests, a studio audience of about 50 and the latest technology for receiving and answering questions from viewers — YouTube, Skype and e-mail.

"I’m going to tackle Internet dating, sex addictions, adoption, surrogate parenting, same-sex relationships, mediation, child neglect and abuse, spousal support — and that’s just the tip of the iceberg," explained the charismatic Family Court judge who is also a bestselling author.

"I want people to get the best information possible — directly from a judge or from the best people in the field, who normally wouldn’t appear on a talk show. I am not an investigative journalist and I think I’ll be able to attract guests that others can’t."

If the show takes off, Brownstone hopes it migrates onto television and plans to add such elements as dramatic recreations of parental disputes or live mediation.

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