US Attorney Arrested and Interrogated by Rwandan Police

Peter Erlinder, a professor of law in the state of Minnesota, has been arrested and interrogated by the Rwanda government. Erlinder is due to appear in court on Wednesday, and may face formal charges. Erlinder was arrested last week and charged with promoting genocide ideology.

Erlinder has made a career of defending individuals that are not exactly well-received in the public eye. In Rwanda, Erlinder has been attempting to rewrite the history of an ethnic conflict between Hutu and Tutsi, which resulted in over 800,000 deaths. Erlinder defended four individuals charged with genocide in the International Criminal Tribunal. As part of his defense, Erlinder claimed that Rwanda President Paul Kagame should also be on trial. 

In April, Erlinder filed suit in US federal court against Kagame, alleging he was behind the 1994 assassination that sparked the mass killings. Both Erlinder’s family and the Minnesota Congressional delegation have been pushing the State Department for his release, but the State Department has not made any such demands yet.

The strange case of Peter Erlinder | StarTribune

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