A Higher Power? Houston Religious Leaders Support Immigration Reform

In Houston, Texas, leaders of a number of religious groups have taken up the cause of immigration reform in the hopes of helping aliens reach a path to citizenship. While Houston is not right on the border with Mexico, it is close enough that immigration is a hot topic. In addition, it has become an incredibly diverse city, with whites accounting for barely half the population.

At least one Reverend has referred to the original 13 colonies as inspiration for allowing aliens to become citizens, “All 13 colonies were made up of illegal aliens because they had not gotten permission from the residents here, who were the Indians . . . .[t]hen a few years later, they brought us here and made us illegal, too. These immigrants, we immigrants, have built the greatest nation in the world, coming from everywhere, all over, because, you see, nobody owns this world except God.”

The debate will undoubtedly only get more contentious, as certain parts of Houston are considered extremely conservative districts, known for openly opposing this type of immigration reform.

Houston’s Clergy Unites to Urge Support for Immigration Reform  | The New York Times

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