Camerawoman Sues LA Cops and Wins

A former camerawoman who sued the LA police department was awarded $1.7 million dollars by a jury. Her suit was based on injuries she sustained while filming an immigration protest. There was video of the incident, and the camerawoman was knocked to the ground by police officers, who then took away her camera. She alleges that she will never be able to work as a camerawoman again because of the physical and emotional scars.

In defense of the city, its lawyer claimed that journalists did heed warnings to stay out of the way of officers who were attempting to control the rally.

The camerawoman was pleased with the outcome of her case, saying " . . . [a]nd I’m grateful to the jury for holding the Los Angeles Police Department accountable for its unwarranted attack upon my body and soul."

Camera Operator Wins Suit Against L.A. Cops | NPR

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