More Individuals Representing Themselves in Court

A recent survey of trial court judges around the country has indicated that more and more individuals are choosing to represent themselves (known as "pro se") in court. Specifically, the survey found that individuals are choosing to self-represent in foreclosures, domestic relations, consumer law issues, and non-foreclosure housing cases.

One of the analysts of the report said "This includes not only the poor but the middle class because it is not only a falling in Legal Services Corporation funding, but also because middle-class people are unable to spend to retain lawyers . . . ."

Perhaps most disturbing is that according to 62% of the judges, proceeding pro se results in a worse outcome for litigants, noting that in many cases that is due to failing to present the necessary evidence.

Judges Say Litigants Are Increasingly Going Pro Se—at Their Own Peril | ABA Journal

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