Russian Spy Confesses to Prosecutor

Federal prosecutors stated that one of the alleged Russian spys has confessed that he worked for Russia’s intelligence service. The revelation came at a time when defense attorneys were preparing to argue for bail for the remaining defendants. The alleged confessor admitted to a number of things, including that he much of his past was a cover, and he remained loyal to the Russian spy service.

One of the alleged spies, who was arrested overseas, was released on bail and did not appear for a court hearing. Authorities are currently conducting a man hunt to discover his whereabouts. 

Writing to the bail judge, one of prosecutors said "There is little need here for speculation as to what will happen if the defendants are permitted to walk out of the court pursuant to a release order . . .they will flee."

Prosecutors are hoping the confession will help convince a judge to not release the defendants on bail. 

Russian Spy Suspect Confessed, Prosecutors Say | NPR

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