School Settles Prom Dispute for $35,000

A Mississippi school district has agreed to pay $35,000 to a student over a discrimination suit related to the school’s prom. The school had a policy banning same-sex prom dates, and a lesbian student wanted to challenge the policy and bring a same-sex date. Once the student challenged the policy, the school cancelled prom. 

The ACLU then filed suit on behalf of the student, and a judge said the student’s rights had been violated, but not require the school to hold prom. In response, the school allegedly held a "sham" prom, which only ten students attended, and the majority of students attended a private event elsewhere.

As a result of the settlement, school officials have also agreed not to discriminate based on sexual orientation in any educational or extracurricular activities, and now forbid harassment on the same grounds.

District To Pay Lesbian Teen $35K Over Prom Dispute | NPR

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