AdviceScene Nominated for VIATeC Award

AdviceScene Enterprises is a finalist nominee for "Online Strategy of the Year." Thanks VIATec!

Online Stategy of the Year – VIATec

AdviceScene has been nominated for a VIATec award! We’re finalists for the category of ‘Online Strategy of the Year.’ This award “recognizes the best online strategy implemented by or for a Greater Victoria organization. Nominated companies are required to provide a letter of support clearly explaining their strategy and milestones. The judges will consider creative usability, innovative design, and results achieved from the underlying strategy.” [ Sponsored by, Sharp’s Audio Visual ]
AdviceScene embraced online marketing strategies from the very beginning with the belief that people aren’t just interested in cheese burgers and cats. Instead of posting silly pictures and quotes, they provide a feed of interesting legal questions and answers to the online community. AdviceScene enjoys the notable distinction of having the most online Twitter followers from Victoria, BC (Online Marketing A Channel) @AdviceScene.

AdviceScene is very pleased to be nominated for this prestigious award and the recognition goes along with it. Their nomination was supported by several people:

Terry Rachwalski from Front Porch Perspectives:

I consulted with in the early days to work out a digital strategy that would work for their unique goals. Nancy Kinney not only took the advice – she expanded on it and made it work for her goals. I urge VIATeC to recognize’s unique vision and approach to their on-line strategy with the 2011 award for on-line strategy of the year.”

John Alexander from Cox Taylor, local Victoria law firm:

“Nancy Kinney and her colleagues have certainly found a unique, helpful and valuable way of addressing a real need, combining the traditional very non-technical profession of the law, with the very modern technology of the Internet and I believe this is a real innovation.”

Stefan Knight, local investor/advisor to technology companies:

“AdviceScene has truly innovated in the area of online strategy by applying social media and Web 2.0 tools to democratize the law.  By creating a community for lawyers to connect with consumers to provide free legal advice they pulled back the veil of the legal system for the average person.  This will lead to better informed citizens and a more accessible legal system.  AdviceScene’s innovation could well lead to a major transformation in the way that law is practiced in North America.”

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