How to ask a legal question

There’s trick to asking a legal question of a lawyer on our site. Since the lawyers and other legal professionals (e.g., judges) are not retained by you to give you legal advice as your own lawyer would, they are cautious not to give you fact-specific advice about your particular situation. They don’t have the whole story and all the facts, so it’s impossible for them to give you all the advice you need; but they are willing to point you in the right direction and answer general questions about the law. You’ll be more successful at getting the answers you need if you are able to frame your question in general terms. For example, ask a question like “Will child support payments paid to me by my ex change once I remarry?” to receive an answer that is useful. Lawyers are much more encouraged to answer a question like this because it is very general. Once you get into fact-specific details of your case, most times the answer you get is “you need to consult with a lawyer to get the answers you need.” This is because lawyers don’t want to cross the line over to legal advice based on the facts of your situation. So if you keep a question framed in general terms, you’re much better off.

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Nancy Kinney

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