10 reasons why lawyers should never answer a legal question posted online:

  1. You and your firm have all the clients you and your partners (and future partners) could ever want.
  2. You do not believe it is ethical or professional to attract new clients, or if you do,
  3. You already have more clients than you can handle coming in through your highly cost-effective and not at all out-dated advertising methods, including pay-per-click advertising, banner ads, TV ads, and phone book ads.
  4. You do not believe that sharing legal information for free could attract paying clients, or if you do,
  5. You believe that sharing it with one or a few people at a time is far more likely to bring in new clients than sharing it with thousands of people, as one can do on a high-traffic website, and
  6. You already have an informative and relevant legal blog that brings in so many new clients with all its web-traffic that your web host could not possibly handle any more and your firm just can’t take on any new clients.
  7. You are certain that it is only “low-value” clients that ask or read questions posted online, and that those clients could never become, or their friends and family or other acquaintances to whom they might recommend your work, could never be or become “high-value” clients.
  8. You believe it’s unethical to give back and share your knowledge with the public who funded most of your education.
  9. You only want to associate with other lawyers, and not potential clients, as it is only other lawyers that pay you.
  10. Some ex-private investigator who’s now trying to sell you ad space said it’s against the rules of professional conduct to do so. Maybe it’s the same rule that says it’s unprofessional to share information for free? And of course, as a lawyer, you never look any rules up for yourself before you rely on them, now do you?: “Your honour, I refer you to my learned personal investigator friend who told me that it was just against the law…”

Well ladies and gentleman of the jury, I refer you to my far more knowledgeable, distinguished and authoritative cat, Chairman Meow, who says it’s a good idea to answer legal questions posted online. Purr.









Inspired by Larry Bodine’s blog and image borrowed from PrawfsBlog.blog.com

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