Will Occupy Vancouver keep moving?

On Monday, November 21, 2011, in response to an injunction forcing them to move from the City of Vancouver’s land at the Art Gallery in Downtown Vancouver, the Occupy Vancouver protesters packed up and moved to provincial lands at a new location on Robson and Howe Street, outside the provincial courthouse at Robson Square.

However, B.C Supreme Court Justice Anne MacKenzie ordered an end to Occupy Vancouver’s new tent city outside the Robson Square law courts by 5 p.m. Pacific Standard time on Tuesday, November 22, 2011.

After the injunction on Tuesday, Occupy Vancouver briefly considered moving to Grandview Park on Commercial Drive but were dissuaded by Park & Recreation Board officials and the police due to the park’s curfew of 10:00pm and disbanded for the night. As of Wednesday morning, the group now seeks a third site.

It is not clear yet whether Occupy Vancouver will continue moving locations. In order to prevent the protesters from occupying of any public land (federal, provincial, or municipal) in the city, a blanket injunction would be required and this latest injunction does not extend to all public lands in the city.

Meanwhile, Occupy movements across the country are becoming dismantled. Early Tuesday, Occupy Victoria and Occupy Quebec City were forcibly removed from their encampments by local authorities and one day earlier Occupy Calgary experienced similar treatment. Early Wednesday, Occupy Ottawa suffered a similar fate.

A request from the mayor has been made to Occupy Montreal to leave and Occupy Toronto was issued an injunction to vacate on Monday, however protesters have remained in the park and the police are likely to take action

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