Your future clients expect to find you online.

The following is an excerpt from a pithy posting by legal marketing expert Michael Waddington in the LinkedIn group Marketing the Law Firm. If you’re wondering whether you should have an AdviceScene profile and demonstrate your expertise to people looking for a lawyer online, here’s the answer:

Lawyers: Saying “I am computer illiterate” is No Longer Cute, It’s Hurting Your Law Practice

Few People Look for a Lawyer on the Internet, Right?

This is a silly question. But, I hear it every day. I hear it from educated, talented lawyers that should know better. I hear it more often from lawyers that are 40-65 years old and that refuse to accept the fact that:
1) Few client’s with money use the phonebook to find lawyers…they use the Internet;
2) They are slowly losing their client base and will eventually be put out of business by younger, tech savvy lawyers and older lawyers that modernize their businesses;
3) Saying “I am computer illiterate” or “I am Internet illiterate” is no longer cute, like it was in 1998. It is a handicap, that unless dealt with, will make your life more and more challenging; and
4) Lawyers that take Internet marketing seriously are taking over local markets once dominated by larger, established firms.

Lawyers are supposed to make decisions based on the facts. When it comes to marketing, few lawyers know the facts. Lawyers should spend a mere 10 minutes looking at the facts. According to Google’s statistical database, tens of thousands of people search for lawyers on the Internet each month across the USA.

Nearly all US consumers (97%) now use online media when researching products or services in their local area (BIA/Kelsey)

43% of all searches on the Google network included a geographical identifier (city, town, etc.)
86% of those people followed up with a phone call
61% of those people ended up making a purchase offline

To determine how many people are looking for a lawyer in your area, use Google’s FREE keyword tool. Type in your city and the type of law you practice.

For example: divorce lawyer Atlanta or Miami bankruptcy attorneys

Here is the link:

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