Get Online in 2012

A recent article by Adrian Dayton in The National Law Journal predicts that this will be the year that lawyers start engaging online. He describes lawyers as being unusually conservative when it comes to social media and notes that law firms are missing out on an enormous business development opportunity by not letting their lawyers engage online. With their feeble attempts at blogs and social media profiles, without active participation, Adrian accurately likens it to law firms telling their lawyers to go to cocktail parties and not talk to anyone!

Adrian provides some great pointers on how to start small, but he’s right when he says it’s past time to start. At AdviceScene, we’re always happy to hear experts confirming what we’ve been saying all along. Clients are now looking for their next lawyer online and lawyers need to come out to meet them. Through our lawyer profiles and legal questions posted by site visitors, we’re providing the potential clients and the discussion, so lawyers just need to engage. It’s a safe and relevant way to quickly launch your presence online. So if you’re going to follow Adrian’s advice and engage online, you might as well be where the prospective clients are already trying to get your attention. Get online and start responding to hot leads at today.

Check out Adrian’s article HERE

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