Start the New Year with New Clients and a Better Business Model

Are you looking for new clients in the New Year? Once you’ve developed your web profile on sites like to connect with clients where they’re now looking for a lawyer, you’ll want to consider how best to serve them.

The modern client often struggles to relate to the traditional legal service and billing model. People are used to investigating and buying products and services online at a fixed (or at least accurately estimated) and competitive price. Since their commercial expectations don’t line-up with the traditional legal services model, many potential clients are now just avoiding the legal system as a method for damage or dispute resolution. Many more just avoid dealing with lawyers and attempt to represent themselves in their legal matter. The legal system isn’t serving these people and lawyers are missing out. Now more than ever, with predictions of another economically challenging year ahead, we can’t afford to ignore these people. These people, who can afford a lawyer if presented with a model they understand, comprise most of the population and provide an enormous untapped market for open-minded and innovative lawyers.

AdviceScene has now been connecting lawyers with new clients online for three years. Our New Year’s resolution is to not just connect lawyers with clients but to get them speaking the same commercial language. We’re working hard to bring the legal services model in-line with the commercial expectations of the modern client and would love to hear from lawyers with innovative service and billing methods and from clients with ideas on how lawyers could serve them better.

The coming year could prove a critical time for many lawyers to revamp their business model. By improving the efficiency and attractiveness of your business development and legal services model, you’ll have a chance to get ahead before the entire industry is forced to follow suit. To get you thinking, here’s some savvy advice from a local expert:

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Wishing a happy and prosperous new year to all!

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