“Complacency is a much bigger commercial risk these days than innovation.”

This thought provoking article on innovation in law firms came out recently in the Australasian Law Management Journal:

Five ways to kick-start an innovative culture

There are some great points made in this article. I particularly liked the emphasis on using new innovations and technology to better and more efficiently serve the firm’s clients. I’d like to add that technology and innovative thinking is probably even more valuable when applied to business development. The expectations of the client, particularly in terms of where and how they expect to find a lawyer, are changing much more quickly than the profession. It’s important for lawyers to adapt and embrace technology if they want to keep attracting future generations of clients.

Today’s future clients are online and looking for legal information. The lawyers that provide this information where the clients are looking are the lawyers they’ll be hiring. Have you tried answering questions on AdviceScene? Your future clients are looking for you there. http://legal.advicescene.com/

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