Presenting your Expertise and Networking Online

A recent article from Sam Glover on the site (Work the Room When Speaking in Public), reminds lawyers to make sure we’re making the most of opportunities to present our expertise and network with potential clients. While Sam’s article serves as a reminder on how to get the most from the well-known business development practices of publicly offering legal information and following up with potential clients, the same practices applied Online are unfamiliar to many lawyers. But they shouldn’t be. It’s time for this to change.

It’s far more efficient for lawyers to present their expertise online. A lawyer might be able to set aside enough time to occasionally present their expertise to a couple of hundred people (at most) at various networking events in person. However, in their spare time at home or in the office, lawyers can easily demonstrate their expertise online by posting brief blogs, or other forms of general legal information, and maintain an active professional profile on high-traffic legal websites. Online, the audience is often more directly relevant and numbers in the hundreds or thousands every week, week after week. For instance, consider a high-traffic legal site like

On AdviceScene, a lawyer can provide general legal information by answering a question submitted by a potential client. The question and the answer then contain key words that can attract search engines and bring thousands of people looking for that exact information. These potential clients can read the lawyer’s answer and view the lawyer’s profile and contact him or her to request a further consultation. The effect is the same (just on a far greater scale) as if the lawyer had answered a question in person and then offered his or her business card or contact information to the potential clients. It’s really quite simple. Just employ the business development practices you’ve always used, but do it Online.

You do it in person; so do it Online.

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