Expat voters launch legal challenge of ‘5-year rule’

CBC News

A law stripping voting rights from more than a million expatriate Canadians who have lived abroad for more than five years should be struck down as unconstitutional, according to a legal challenge served on the federal government Tuesday.

The new application, filed in Ontario Superior Court on behalf of two Canadians living in the United States, argues the five-year rule in the Canada Elections Act is arbitrary and unreasonable.

“I was very surprised to learn that I have no voting rights, that I have no capacity to interact with my government formally, that there’s no one representing me,” said Gillian Frank, 33, who lives in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Read More: http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/story/2012/05/23/pol-cp-ex-pat-voter-rights-five-year-rule-lawsuit.html

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