AdviceScene is onto something!

It’s always great to hear the experts and statistics confirm that AdviceScene is on the right track. We really are helping lawyers get infront of the growing number of people now looking for their lawyer online.

Yes, the main way that people come to a lawyer is still by word of mouth referral, but a growing number are looking for their own legal source online. And of course each of those satisfied new clients who found their lawyer online then start their own chain of word of mouth referrals.

A recent UK study found that 16% of people now find their lawyer online. But then what do people browse online when they’re looking for a lawyer? Well aside from some legal information to help them figure out exactly what they’re into, they want to know about their future lawyer and how he or she handles his or her clients. Indeed, some recent stats show that over 50% of law firm website visits go straight to the lawyers’ profile pages.

Putting this all together, you get AdviceScene’s winning formula. Our lawyers provide free legal information to attract all those people looking for their lawyer online, they present an informative profile on their practice, and demonstrate their expertise with answers to questions on common legal problems submitted by members of the public in need of some guidance.

– Get infront of the growing number of people looking for their future lawyer online: Tick.

– Present the information they want on your practice: Tick.

– Show how you help people in need of legal assistance: Tick.

You’ll also want to make sure that you can be found on

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