Mentally ill man, Crown battle for slain woman’s insurance payout

CBC News

The case of a mentally ill Toronto man who killed his wife and was awarded a $51,000 payout on her insurance policy has torn his family apart, sparked a public outcry and prompted the Ontario attorney general to take the unusual step of trying to seize the insurance money as the unlawful proceeds of a crime.

In June 2006, Ved Dhingra bludgeoned his wife Kamlesh Dhingra, 58, with a marble statue of the Hindu god Krishna and stabbed her 24 times in the head and neck as she slept. He also stabbed himself in an apparent suicide attempt.

The estranged couple had separated in 1992 but they were living together at the time in Kamlesh Dhingra’s Richmond Hill home. They were found by the couple’s adult son, Paul Dhingra.

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