Saskatchewan to Introduce New Labour Laws

Saskatchewan has revealed proposed changes to its labour laws. Saskatchewan Minister of Labour Don Morgan made the announcement at a North Saskatoon Business Association Luncheon on Friday.

The Morgan revealed that changes include requesting audited financial statements from unions for more transparency on how money is spent. The province is also discussing how to change the way unions can fine members who cross picket lines. The province is firm on allowing more leeway for unions to discipline their members, but is still in the midst of deciding whether the fine should come from members’ paychecks or directly from debit.

Larry Hubich, president of Saskatchewan’s Labour Federation, has shown his disapproval in the way the government has chosen to announce these changes. He states that the fact that the changes were made at a Business Association first shows the consultation process is not being honoured.

The new labour law has yet to be passed by the legislature. It is expected to be finalized in early December.

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