Students Feel the Effects of Bill 115

Students and parents are feeling the effects of Bill 115. Some elementary school students in Toronto will not be getting their first semester report cards as disputes continue on between the province and public school teachers.

Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario has been directing the teachers to do as minimum work as necessary on student’s report cards. This basically means students will only get a single sentence on their report cards. Principals at the Toronto District School Board are refusing to send in report cards that they feel are inadequate and incomplete. If the Principals do feel the cards are incomplete, instead of sending a report card, they will send a letter to the parents, and the parents will have the option of scheduling an appointment with the teacher. However, many parents are already frustrated with the scheduling process, as some teachers are not available in the evenings.

In addition, high school students will need to wait weeks to get their report cards if the dispute between the province and the teachers continues because union leaders have directed teachers to submit grades to school administrators. This means the school administrators will need to submit the grades into a central system, which could take weeks for schools with high enrolment.

For the full article from the Globe and Mail:

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