NRA Unleashes Fresh Criticism Over Proposed Gun Control Initiative

The American gun control debate is only getting more heated, as both sides continue ratchet up their arguments and add fuel to the increasingly emotionally charged debate.  This week the National Rifle Association contributed by releasing a statement critical of the Democrats’ proposed gun-control initiatives.  The statement is based on a speech made by the group’s CEO at the recent Western Hunting and Conservation Expo.

In that speech, CEO Wayne LaPierre argued against what he referred to as President Barack Obama’s “anti-gun agenda.”  Specifically, LaPierre called out the proposed universal background checks on gun purchasers, saying that the plan is aimed at creating a gun registry  That registry, he argues, is simply a ruse to enable the eventual confiscation of guns as soon as another tragic circumstance makes such a plan look justifiable.  LaPierre calls the gun control plan the “single most devastating attack on the Second Amendment that [America] has ever seen.”

The gun control debate has flared since December’s massacre of 20 children and six adults in Newtown, Connecticut.  The NRA has staunchly resisted all calls to ban assault rifles, limit the size of gun magazines, or implement background checks on purchasers of guns.  Instead, the advocacy group has suggested armed guards for all schools.

The NRA is supporting their position with ad campaigns that call Obama an ‘elitist hypocrite’ for refusing to support their idea while his own daughters are guarded at school by armed security personnel.  Both Republicans and Democrats have criticized the ad for bringing the President’s daughters into the debate, especially without acknowledging that the daughters of the President of the United States may face different security challenges at school than the average American student.

Still, the NRA has a number of upcoming TV and newspaper spots booked to support their position.  With a membership base of over four million people, the NRA is one of America’s most powerful and vocal lobby groups.  However, despite their huge following, they face an uphill battle as mainstream opinion becomes increasingly critical of guns – especially following a year tragically filled multiple mass shootings that have captivated the emotional attention of voters across America.

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